Thief steals nearly $1 million worth of items from closet

A crook manages to keep his identity hidden, even though he’s caught on camera emptying a woman’s closet.

He made off with nearly a million dollars worth of handbags and jewelry.
Thief steals nearly $1 million worth of items from woman’s closet

Round one of the million dollar rip off lasted 6 minutes.

The bold burglar completely covered — no identifying features anywhere.

The thief’s gloved hands picking their way through each cabinet of Theresa Roemer’s grand collection.

After stuffing a few bags full of jewelry and watches, the crook leaves but comes back seconds later for five more minutes of purse pilfering.

This time using the elaborate shelving as a ladder to grab more goods.

Detectives say this went on for 20 more minutes before the bandit finally fled.

Detectives admit the surveillance video is grainy and a long shot for positive identifications, but they’re hopeful.

“You never know, somebody that knows the person might be able to identify the person, also someone in the neighborhood may know,”

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