The Dark Knight Rises

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Seven years ago, Hollywood had one of the most original and innovative young directors, Christopher Nolan, to reboot the Batman movie franchise. The journey takes the superhero in a dark journey, in its wake, producing three impressive ground-breaking movies known as the “Dark Knight Trilogy.” The concluding film in this trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises” opens this week.

In a duel between Batman Bruce Wayne and Gotham City’s District Attorney Harvey Dent whose alter-ego is Two-Face, Batman was seriously injured while his love interest Rachel Dawes dies. He has since lived as a recluse in a cloak of guilt. Outside his mansion, Gotham City seems civilized and at peace with itself. Yet underneath the city streets, a revolution led by the mask-wearing villain Bane is taking shape. Bane’s goal is to destroy the structure of the society from the inside out. While Batman has let his guard down in recent years, his fortune and enterprise have also been taken away in Bane’s coup. Witnessing how Gotham City once again has come under threat of a complete collapse moving into anarchy, Batman makes his move out of his cave.

Clocking in just under three hours, action sequences come fast one after the other. Christopher Nolan has decided to build elaborate sets and created inspiring stunts to bring the audience into the action. Instead of using the cosmetic 3D, Nolan films many sequences in 70mm which makes best viewing on an IMAX screen. Needless to say, these expertly choreographed sequences do not fail to impress.

While Nolan decides to do away with 3D, his villains in this film also appear to be flat. Although this is not uncommon among superhero movies, this is a disappointment for fans of the well -rounded director.

The terror attacks and the fall of order in society provides a social commentary about today’s society, whereas members in the lower echelons of society rebel against the establishment. Pent up sentiments reaching a boiling could easily lead to a society spinning out of control. The “Dark Knight” series of movies have always sported a unique feel and tone from other movies in this genre. This last installment of the series takes viewers into an even darker world, raising the stakes for viewers who would have developed a deep-vested interest by the time the movie comes to a satisfactory end.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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