The Chinese Culture Center hosted “Singles day” party

(This is except from CCC news release)

Across Chinese cultures, the date 11/11 is a celebration of youth. Mainland China celebrates the freedom of singledom. In Hong Kong, the date is a celebration of young couples. And Taiwan has taken on a wholly different twist, honoring twins. But all interpretations of this holiday have at their core an honoring of and respect for youth and vitality. This makes the once-in-a-century 11/11/11 a singularly perfect date to inaugurate the Chinese Culture Center’s new initiative to highlight and promote emerging local and international artists. On this night, we will host a party for singles and couples (and even twins!) to rejoice in youthful creativity and energy. The event will honor a young Guangzhou-based artist and her first U.S. exhibition, “Liu Yin: Oh, Chinese Boy… Don’t Be Ashamed…,”

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