Thanksgiving tables may not see crabs this year


San Francisco (KTSF by Jo Wan)

Dungeness crab season officially opened on Nov.15 but tons of crab pots are still sitting on the dock. Disputes between buyers and fishermen over a price are still in deadlock. Fishermen insist on getting $2.50 per pound for their catch. Some seafood processors are holding out at $2 per pound. This is the first time that there is no crab for Thanksgiving week.

One local restaurant chef told us that “At this point there is no local crabs, there is no crab really coming to California west coast, I haven’t seen any live crabs for weeks.”  The chef added that they get a lot of calls, and they don’t have any good news for customers. Most of fishermen have gone home.

In Fisherman’s Wharf, crab stations sell frozen crabs from the north. Tourists still  favor of Dungeness crabs. One tourist said,  “I am disappointed I was hoping maybe some here today. It’s a nice Christmas tradition. Hopefully we can eat local crabs by Christmas.”


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