Texas police parks in handicapped spot

a texas woman says a trip to a restaurant with her disabled son became much harder after a police officer took a handicapped parking space.

now the police chief is getting involved.

every day…it’s a struggle for the jordan family.

a ride anywhere with their son, wade, who has cerebral palsy requires patience and time.

“I have a dream one day that he will be able to access everything he wants because it’s a fight.”

Sometimes, that fight sparks disappointment and anger.

It happened nearly three weeks ago…when they arrived at applebee’s in saginaw.

they found a saginaw police officer parked in the handicap spot.

“Not being able to get a parking space where we can get our ramp down on the side and then to have it be a police officer, just, it made me mad.”

They took pictures – squad car number 97.

They also spoke to the officer who was responding to a disturbance call at the restaurant.

“He didn’t look at me. Didn’t say I’m sorry.”

They posted their frustration on Facebook.

Shared it with the website — 3 e love — an organization committed to changing the perception of disability.

Mom also sent a letter to police.

S/U:The Chief of the Saginaw Police department contacted the Jordan family — he apologized for the incident and told the family, this department let them down.

In an email sent to the family, the chief wrote…..

“It appears that our officer, in an attempt to efficiently serve one segment of our community, lost sight of the larger picture and failed to protect another…”

The officer was counseled.

The Jordan family says that’s enough, but they are still waiting for him to say three words.

“I hope you learn your lesson and an apology goes a long way.

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