700,000 in Guangdong affected by flooding


Worst flooding in decades triggered by heavy downpours in south China’s Guangdong Province has affected some 700,000 local residents.

The provincial eastern region were severely waterlogged with maximum precipitation reaching 438 millimeters on Monday.

The Lianjiang River in Shantou City burst its banks, swamping most of the Chaonan District in Shantou, with maximum water depth exceeding three meters.

Most of the households in the district were submerged in flood, as local residents used life rafts to leave buildings.

Local police officers helped hospital staff to return to a flood-drenched hospital to care for patients still stranded inside.

The disaster breached a levee constructed in 1976 in Shanyang, drenching 80 percent of households in addition to swathes of fishponds and farmlands in the area.

In the city of Meizhou, eastern Guangdong, two townships suffered a blackout for two days but were able to restore order.

Local authorities dispatched 60 police officers to the flood-hit townships, searching for trapped residents.

After a six-hour effort, police had rescued 300 residents, evacuating the other 2,500-plus people late Monday. As rescue efforts continued, deliveries of three tons of relief materials arrived in the affected areas.

Moreover, road leading to another worst-hit township was blocked by toppled trees and streams of mud after floods began receding. This caused major delays to rescue operations. Rescuers finally reached to the township at around 14:00 Monday.

Up until now, power and water supplies are still unavailable.

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