Teens arrested for murder at clothing store

Police have arrested two teenagers in a deadly shooting at an Indianapolis clothing store.

18-year-old Deaundre Graves and a 17-year-old were taken into custody as officers search for even more suspects in Sunday’s shooting.

The grief is tangible, raw. Family and friends rushed to the scene, holding each other for support.

One woman collapsed in grief after leaving the clothing store called body gear.

Police say the victim 36-year-old Ho Lee was trying to stop suspects he believed were shoplifting. When that confrontation led to gunfire.

Police say Lee was shot in the head and later died.

Another witness said, “I walked around the store, that’s when I start seeing another body over there, a lady screaming, a shopper, senselessly shot.”

Karen Lee says that was her 19-year-old niece Diamond.shot in the leg, while she was shopping in the store.

“Oh God.. my heart went ot my feet because of all the killings that’s been going on.

The teen’s brother.. also ran to the scene.

“She was just crying, just upset. It’s just crazy right now. I’m just worried about my mom right now.”

“It’s just very sad right now”

Customers.. and former employees came to the scene all afternoon emotional when hearing the news saying they knew the store and those inside well.

“He’s very much like family to me. He’s very much like family. Then his family is part of my family as well. So it’s very disturbing.”

“It’s senseless. It’s really crazy.”

Witnesses told police they saw four to six people fleeing the store after the shooting. Officials say the two suspects they have in custody both had clothing believed to be stolen from the store.

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