Teen pilot makes emergency landing

A Louisiana teen was forced to make an emergency landing Yesterday.

After the engine in his plane stopped working.

18-year-old Miles O’Quinn is ready for takeoff from same spot… where he performed an emergency landing… just 24 hours ago.

With two years flying experience already under his belt… when his engine went dead less that fifteen minutes after takeoff in what’s called the north practice area.

O’Quinn looked around… saw this stretch of unfinished interstate… and followed his training.

it’s an incredible landing… even if o’quinn is too humble to admit it.

“Are you going to tell anybody about this? Are you going to talk to your friends about it? Well, you’re about to tell the whole world so….”

The Cessna was rented from shreveport based, royal air, and registered ownership falls under twolee llc… the company declined to comment on the emergency landing.

As O’quinn readies to return to shreveport downtown airport… Caddo sheriff’s deputies look on… impressed by his skills… and courage.

“I’ve responded to some other incidents but those were primarily with injuries and damage to the aircraft… things of those nature.”

The teenager credits his flight instructor for training him well.

The mechanic who checked out the plane said there was dirt in the fuel tank.

But was hesitant to give an exact cause for the engine problems.

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