Teacher gets ticket for entering national park

It’s a shutdown – ‘smackdown.’

A teacher and her students say a simple day hike turned in to highway robbery when they were ticketed for driving into the parking lot of Olympic National Park.

Here’s a shot of the ranger handing a citation for 125-bucks to one of three visitors who drove into the parking lot.

“I think she felt that was her job and I respect that.”

School teacher kelly sanders took the picture…after she got a ticket too.

“I thought it was ridiculous. I thought other people would think it was ridiculous.”

Kelly wanted to take a group of international students on a hike last Saturday.

To places she visits all the time.

Yes there were cones and barricades…but not across the entire entrance.

“There was a barricade that had a full lane wide open with a little paper sign that said, this facility is closed due to government shutdown.”

She figured facility meant the bathrooms, lodge and ranger station.

Not the trail…not nature.

“It didn’t say anything about stay out violators will be fined.”

The ranger was professional, respectful—said she didn’t have a choice and encouraged the ticketed drivers to file complaints.

Yes—kelly plans to fight her citation in court.

“My complaint it not with her. it’s with the government shutdown. and with the wording on that sign.”

Park visitors i talked to are on Kelly’s side.

“For our government to shutdown the parks we pay for and then come back and have people on staff to ticket you? that’s horrible.”

The government shutdown is hurting the national park system.

It’s losing 76-million dollars a day.

Olympic national park alone attracts two-to-three million visitors a year.

Kelly thinks congress might want to consider that right now.

“I think they all should act professional and they should get their act together to get these problems worked out because this is affecting all of us.”

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