Free Thanksgiving meals are given out at San Francisco Salvation Army center

Free meals are given out at San Francisco Salvation Army center.

List of stores open on Thanksgiving or Black Friday


Here’s a list of what time stores are open on Thanksgiving and Black Friday…

Black Friday shopping guide

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Looking to get your holiday shopping done before black friday? There is no shortage of deals if you want to get a head start…

SF: Chinese students celebrate first Thanksgiving in the U.S.


Students at San Francisco Chinese Education Center Elementary School celebrated their first Thanksgiving in the U.S.…

Target reveals biggest plan for Cyber Monday


Holiday deal hunters are counting down the days until Black Friday, followed by its internet twin Cyber Monday…

More Thanksgiving travelers expected this year

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A stronger economy and lower gas prices mean Thanksgiving travelers can expect more congested highways this year…

Amazon announces 8 days of Black Friday deals

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Amazon announced it will start offering its holiday deals on November 20th — a full week ahead of Black Friday…