A more exciting and warm “Tomb Raider”


There is no lack of breath-taking action sequences. Compared with the Lara Croft at the turn of the century…

Sensory luxurious “A Wrinkle in Time” falls short


To best appreciate this film, it helps to know the works of Director Ava DuVernay. After the Martin Luther King, Jr biopic…

Stunning “Annihilation” stumbles amidst controversy


This visually stunning thriller was adapted from the first book of the “Southern Reach” trilogy. However, the adaptation did not hint at the source material that follows which created a huge problem with the director’s casting decision…

“Detective Chinatown 2″ brings lunar new year laughs into American theatres


One of the features of a Chinese New Year movie is its strong comedy focus, so even though the plot centers around solving a series of murders…

A kidnapping that reveals the real J. Paul Getty


Getty may be a tough main character to empathize and like, that makes it logical to focus the story on the mother Gail and the negotiator Fletcher…

“Downsizing” questions: what makes your truly happy?


What an original idea! Yet, isn’t this the question that we all have on our minds? Wouldn’t you want lavish lifestyle with only a middle-income salary?

“Call Me by Your Name” is Screening Room’s Pick for Best Film of 2017


Masterfully adapted from André Aciman endearing novel, viewers are effortlessly transported to Italy’s countryside where clothes are draped across the body with a lazy ease while the fruits of summer roll onto the breakfast table as if that is their destiny…

Magical “The Shape of Water” becomes a timely social commentary


“The Shape of Water” picked up the Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival this year. This is the latest work from Mexican Director Guillermo Del Toro who is almost always associated with making horror and fantasy films…