College board releases new SAT questions


The redesigned SAT won’t debut for another two years, but, beginning Wednesday, students can get a peak at what it may look like…

Essay is optional on new SAT

Colleges Full Classes

The essay is optional on the new version of the SAT college entrance exam…

More students are taking ACT and SAT

(中文) SAT是高中生申請美國大學的標準入學測試,不過近年來,也有越來越多的考生選擇另一項測驗ACT,不過ACT對亞洲學生來說,卻是十分陌生,究竟這兩個考試有甚麼不同….

Only 43% of 2012 SAT test takers are college ready

The SAT Report on College & Career Readiness released today revealed that only 43 percent of SATR takers…