Lawyers create Driving While Black app


An Oregon lawyer wants everyone to know what it’s like to drive as an African American. And she made the app to do it.

Terminally ill Brittany Maynard takes her own life


Brittany Maynard who revived a national debate about physician-assisted suicide ended her life Saturday by swallowing lethal drugs…

Terminally ill woman may postpone taking her life


A terminally ill woman who expects to take her life under Oregon’s assisted-suicide law has released a new video…

Woman with cancer plans to take her life in Oregon


A 29-year-old woman with brain cancer is using her last days to push for expanded right-to-die laws….

Oregon school shooting: One student and suspected gunman killed


One student and the suspected gunman are dead in a school shooting outside Portland, Oregon…

Reservoir to be flushed because of urinating teen

A 19-year-old man was caught on camera urinating in a reservoir that holds drinking water…

Cat in Oregon born with two heads

An Oregon family got quite a shock when one of their kittens was born with two faces…

Japan tsunami dock washes ashore in Oregon ‎