Missing lander Beagle-2 finally located on Mars


The European Space Agency’s Beagle-2 lander, which had been lost on Mars since 2003, has been found, the agency said Friday…

CA drought needs 11 trillion gallons of water


It will take about 11 trillion gallons of water to recover from California’s continuing drought…

NASA Orion Test Flight


NASA’s newest space vehicle, Orion, accomplished its first test flight with precision and pizazz Friday…

Google signs 60-year, $1 billion NASA lease

NASA air base nb

Google is renting 1,000 acres of a historic California air base for space exploration, aviation and robotics projects….

NASA picks Boeing and SpaceX to ferry astronauts


NASA is a giant step closer to launching Americans again from U.S. soil…

Best-of-summer meteor shower eclipsed by supermoon

The annual best-of-summer meteor shower peaks late Tuesday and into the wee hours Wednesday morning…

NASA turns research to California drought

NASA scientists have begun deploying satellites and other advanced technology to help California…

NASA: Ancient Martian lake may have supported life

NASA says the Curiosity rover has uncovered signs of an ancient freshwater lake on Mars that may have supported tiny organisms for tens of millions of years.