Salvaging wines after the Napa earthquake


華裔業主的Purlieu 酒廠,在這個儲存設施有四個堆滿酒桶的桶架。日前一場六級地震,將這裡的桶架震翻,酒桶滿地,許多酒桶被摔爛…

Thousand of Bay Area buildings need earthquake retrofit


Nearly half of the Bay Area’s 6,580 unreinforced masonry buildings had not been retrofitted as of 2006…

Seriously hurt boy in Napa quake feels lucky to be alive


A 13-year-old boy who was seriously injured during the Napa earthquake says he initially feared he’d been paralyzed…

Napa earthquake’s impact on wine industry

wine industry nb

Sunday’s 6.0 magnitude earthquake rattled California’s wine country and industry….

Are you prepared for the next earthquake?


An American Red Cross representative teaches us how to be prepared for earthquake…

Historic Sam Kee Laundry building damaged in quake


The historic building that once housed the Chinese-owned Sam Kee Laundry was damaged in the 6.0 earthquake on Sunday…

Why most Californians don’t buy quake insurance


Only 10% homeowners in California buy earthquake insurance to protect themselves…

3.9-Magnitude aftershock felt near Napa


A 3.9-magnitude aftershock struck about two miles northwest of American Canyon at 5:33 a.m. Tuesday…

BART’s earthquake early warning system

Millbrae BART station (KTSF)

The BART’s earthquake early warning system ShakeAlert would enable BART to slow and possibly stop trains before quaking begins…

The latest on damaging earthquake in California

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It’ll take time to clean up the damage from a magnitude-6.0 earthquake that rocked California’s wine country…

Napa officials report 208 quake-related injuries


Napa city officials this morning said more than 200 patients have been treated and 17 were admitted at Queen of the Valley…

Bay Area residents shaken by earthquake


Residents in the Bay Area talks about what they experienced during the latest earthquake…

Post-quake gas leak inspections to last days


PG&E says it expects to continue searching for possible gas leaks after the earthquake…

More aftershocks expected in Napa area


Scientists say there could be aftershocks for several weeks following the 6.0-magnitude earthquake that shook Napa…

Gallery: California quake

California Earthquake nb

Gallery: California quake…

Strong California quake causes injuries, damage


The 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck at 3:20 a.m. about 6 miles (10 kilometers) from the city of Napa…

How Napa Valley grape growers prepare for the drought

How the grape growers in Napa prepare for drought