China strengthen controls on instant messaging


China has annouced new policies to regulate instant messaging sevices in China

Happy Birthday World Wide Web!

The World Wide Web turns 25 Tuesday and we have a look back at some predictions that never quite came true…

In China, forwarding “Internet rumors” can get you in prison

Mainland China legislated a new law – a person who forwarded internet “rumors” over 500 times will be charged…

US study finds online privacy concerns on the rise

Americans are sharing more personal information online than ever, but they also want to better control who can see it.

Faster free Wi-Fi service in San Jose downtown

The “Wickedly Fast” network will provide Internet download speeds three to four times faster than those of average outdoor Wi-Fi networks…

New internet suffix proposals


Report: Many people don’t trust online information

A new study says many Americans still don’t find the content they see online as totally reliable…

US requests website censoring details from China

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