SFUSD launched geometry summer course

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SFUSD will launch a geometry summer course in June and it is accepting applications…

Santa Clara County bans sugary drinks included in fast food kid’s meals


Sugar-sweetened beverages will no longer be included in kids’ meals at Santa Clara County restaurants following an ordinance passed…

Coulter says Berkeley speech is “canceled’ but implies visit


Ann Coulter said in an email Wednesday that her speaking event planned for this week at UC Berkeley…

Survey found more students feel less engaged in learning


A new survey found a growing number of students are feeling less engaged in learning….

Enrollment for free culinary class at CCSF starts


A free culinary class offered at CCSF Chinatown branch is accepting application…

City College of San Francisco offers free tuition program


City College of San Francisco will launch its tuition free initiative and accept enrollment in late May…

Palo Alto parents voice opposition to the new sex ed curriculum


Palo Alto middle schools’ parents protest against the new sex education curriculum…

Middle School in San Mateo started Chinese Club


Bayside STEM Middle School started a Chinese Club for students to further their learning of the Chinese language and culture…

SFUSD graduation rates on the rise


Graduation rates for San Francisco’s public high school students have continued to increase overall…