Man hit, robbed of cash while trying to make Craigslist purchase

Authorities in San Carlos are warning residents to watch out for online scams and setups after a man responding to a Craigslist ad for discounted gift cards was robbed at a local Home Depot store

Chinese woman obtains money falsely on Craigslist

(中文) 南舊金山市一名40多歲華裔女子,在十月透過Craiglist將一幢空置了兩個月的住宅單位租給4名受害人。4人付錢後才發現該名女子根本不是單位業主…

Two arrests made in L.A. Craigslist killing

Los Angeles police have arrested two men they believe lured a man to his death with a Craigslist ad – gunning him down in front of his son.