Boy, 3, dies after climbing into hot car in LA


Los Angeles police say a 3-year-old boy has died after climbing into a car during scorching weather….

Northern California restaurant bans noisy children


A popular restaurant in Monterey has a no noisy children policy. Tourists say they don’t think it’s fair…

Mom accused of leaving kids in car faces charges


A mother charged with leaving two toddlers in a car while she gambled has been charged with felony child abuse….

Boy, 8, shot and killed in Detroit


Detroit police say an 8-year-old boy has died after being shot while in bed at a home on the city’s east side…

Foster City man found guilty of child sexual abuse


A jury on Monday found a Foster City man guilty of molesting family members over more than a decade…

SF Batkid gets his own documentary

batkid nb

He dreamed of being batman and the city of San Francisco made it happen…

No charges against dad whose infant son died in man’s SUV


The father of an infant boy who died in a SUV made a terrible mistake but will not face criminal charges…

Mysterious dolls left on porches of CA homes

mysterious dolls nb

Parents contacted authorities after finding porcelain dolls that look like their children on their doorsteps…

Three kids killed in Philadelphia carjacking


Two men carjacked a SUV at gunpoint then lost control and plowed into a group of people in Philadelphia, killing three children…

Woman arrested for leaving kids in car while gambling


A woman has been arrested for allegedly leaving her two children in her locked car while she was gambling inside a casino..

Beijing teen beating video gone viral


A video showing a 14-year-old boy got beaten by a group of teens in suburban Beijing has gone viral on the internet…

Grown man in China looks like a child


A 29-year-old man in Henan, China is often mistaken as a child labor due to his youthful looks…

Charges for SF woman who allegedly stole money from 8-year old girl


A woman who allegedly robbed an 8-year-old girl selling candy in San Francisco faced charges…

Gang of boys confesses to killing 8-year-old boy in China


An 8-year-old boy was beaten to death by a group of boys in Hebei, China…

Oakland: 9-year-old girl injured in shooting near park


A 9-year-old girl was injured in a shooting Saturday evening while she was playing in Lowell Park in West Oakland…

Man slashes 3 children, killing 1 in China

school crime nb

A man with a kitchen knife killed a 1-year-old boy and injured two other children Monday in the southern Chinese city …

9-year-old girl drowns in Menlo Park pool


A 9-year-old girl accidentally drowned in a Menlo Park swimming pool Tuesday evening…

SF: Girl robbed while selling candy outside store


An 8-year-old girl selling candy outside a store in San Francisco was robbed Monday by a woman…

San Leandro man convicted of molesting young family member


A 57-year-old San Leandro man was convicted Monday of five felony sexual assault counts for raping a young family member…

911 call: Mom slept as SC boy got stuck in hot car

hot car death

Relatives say a 3-year-old South Carolina boy who died several days after being trapped in a hot car had climbed into…

Police: Girl riding scooter killed by stray bullet


Authorities say a girl riding a scooter in New Jersey was shot and killed by a stray bullet…

Brazilian boy can’t say his name – it’s too long


A Brazilian boy is named after four French football players and the current Brazil manager…

Barbecue pit explodes, two girls injured


Two girls suffered minor injuries when a built-in barbecue pit exploded in Campbell…

HK doctor offers to help Shanxi blinded boy

HK eye doctor has volunteered to help the 6-year-old blinded mainland boy to regain sight by implanting artificial eyes.

Advice on children safety

Child abduction happens time to time. How to protect your child from being kidnapped? Here’s some advice from the public safety specilist…