Asiana Airlines: Plane’s system partly to blame in crash


Asiana Airlines says a Boeing 777 that crashed at SFO had inadequate warning systems to alert the crew to problems with air speed…

Ed Lee thanked victims’ parents for their patience

(中文) 舊金山(三藩市)市長李孟賢,今天接受本台記者的專訪,談到對韓亞空難罹難者及家屬的感受,對於葉夢圓是被消防車輾過致死,李孟賢表示當局會盡全力,防止悲劇重演…..

First appearance of surviving Zhejiang students after crash

The Chinese Consul General Yuan Nansheng visits Zhengjiang students and teachers who survived from the Asiana airplane crash at San Jose downtown Marriott hotel…