Florida teens charged in turtle torture

turtle torture nb

Two teen girls in Florida are facing animal cruelty charges…

FL couple attacked by cat speak out

crazy cat nb

Florida couple trapped by ‘crazy’ cat describes attack…

Shark attack victim talks about experience

shark attack victim nb

Man bitten by shark off Manhattan Beach, CA, describes the attack…

Scientists identify what may be the largest flying bird ever

flying bird nb

Scientists have identified what they believe is the largest flying bird ever…

Turtle predicts Brazil vs Germany’s result


A so-called Oracle Turtle has made his pick for the world cup semi-final match between Brazil and Germany…

Child’s family won’t directly accept KFC donation


The family who says their 3-year-old girl was asked to leave a KFC restaurant because her scars disturbed…

Pet care during the July 4th celebrations

dog boarding nb

The SPCA is advising pet owners to keep their pets happy and safe over the holiday weekend.

Undercover animal abuse videos could be illegal soon

farm animal abuse nb

Agricultural interests push to make undercover investigations of animal abuse illegal…

Pig dog video goes viral online

pig dog nb

It’s almost impossible not to stare at the dog who’s known as Pig….

Oracle octopus predicts Germany-USA match outcome


World Cup Oracle Octopus Regina predicts outcome for Germany vs USA on Thursday’s game…

KFC: There’s no proof scarred child was asked to leave


KFC says investigations have not found any evidence that an employee asked a 3-year-old girl to leave…

Twenty dogs die in Arizona pet boarding room

dog boarding nb

Sheriff’s deputies found 20 dead dogs piled up in a shed on Friday at Green Acres Dog Boarding Facility in Gilbert…

Doctor helps girl from KFC incident

Victoria Wilcher nb

Doctor offers to help little girl who was attacked by pit bulls…

Second cat cafe comes to San Francisco

cat cafe nb

A tea cafe featuring adorable cats is set to open in San Francisco this year. ..

Great white shark off Jersey coast


A group of people on a fishing trip had a close encounter with what looks to be a great white shark…

Macau female panda Xin Xin dies of kidney failure


Xinxin, the female giant panda that Macau received as a gift from Beijing has died from kidney failure…

Is eating dog meat a culinary tradition in China?

yuling dog feature nb

The battle between the culture of eating dog meat in China and humanitarianism…

California mayor resigns over dog poop incident

mayor dog poop nb

The doo-doo has gotten too deep for the mayor of a wealthy Los Angeles suburb who flung dog poop onto a political opponent’s property…

China dog-eaters dodge activists with early feast

yuling dog feature nb

The controversy of the dog meat festival in Guangxi China….

KFC probes whether scarred girl was asked to leave


A KFC restaurant employee in Mississippi allegedly asked a 3-year-old girl to leave because her facial injuries disturbed other patrons…

Rare yellow lobster caught in Connecticut


A lobster fisherman in Connecticut traps a rare catch: an orange and yellow lobster…

Dog meat festival will go on in Guangxi


Local government has decided not to put a halt to the controversial dog meat festival in Guangxi, China…

Fremont: Multiple dogs left in dangerously hot cars


The Fremont Police Department responded to four incidents of dogs left in hot vehicles on Monday…

Guangzhou police busts dog theft ring


Police in Guangzhou busted a dog theft ring last month, over 12 people arrested….

Belmont man arrested after dog dies in hot truck


A German shepherd died after its owner left it in a truck for at least seven hours in high temperatures…

Hedgehogs as pets getting popular despite bans


Hedgehogs as pets getting popular despite bans…

Meet world’s first wingsuit BASE jumping dog

dog jumping nb

Dean Potter, famous rock climber, high-liner and human flyer, wingsuit BASE jumps with his dog…

Nearly 700-pound alligator struck and killed on highway

alligator killed nb

A minivan driving on a north carolina highway hit and killed an alligator — and it was a whopper…

Newark man allegedly stabs stepfather over stray cat

A man was arrested on suspicion of stabbing his stepfather after an argument over a stray cat…

Dog abandoned on street caught on camera

dog abandoned nb

A Las Vegas area family found a puppy on their doorstep…