New Jersey hazing arrests put focus on anti-bullying policies

student bullying nb

As a New Jersey town reels from the arrests of seven high school football players on charges they sexually assaulted younger teammates..

High school grad speaks 11 languages

Larterrious Johnson nb

In the graduating class at one Illinois high school, there’s one teen that stands out….

Mills High School students protest

A group fo Mills High School students protest in front of San Mateo County Superior Cout against the College Board and ETS moving the lawsuit to the Federal Court that forced the hearing to be postponed…

Lynbrook’s Joshua Huang overcomes adversity to excel in sports and academics

Lynbrook High School senior Joshua Huang has only one hand due to a serious childhood disease. Despite his disability, Huang excels in the sport of badminton…

95% CA students passed high school exit exam


College applications dropped in China