Powerball weekend jackpot climbs to $478 million

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Powerball players will have a shot at the nation’s eighth-largest lottery jackpot this weekend…

Chinese rocket re-enters atmosphere near California


A Chinese rocket re-entered the atmosphere near California late Wednesday night around the same time many people…

Dad helps overweight daughter to lose weight


A father flies to Jilin from Shandong to help her overweight daughter to lose weight…

Live broadcast creates new internet profession in China


The Live broadcast feature in various social media website has created a new profession in China..

Farewell to VCRs: Japanese maker to shelve once-hit product


Japanese electronics maker Funai Electric Co. says it’s yanking the plug on the world’s last video cassette recorder…

Guangzhou plant creates sterilized mosquito


Guangzhou plant creates sterilized mosquito to control mosquito population…

SF: Over 8,000 players show up at Pokemon Go gathering


Over 8,000 people gathered in San Francisco to catch Pokemon…

SoCal couple claims prize in record Powerball jackpot

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A California couple has claimed a $528.8 million share of a record Powerball jackpot from January…

Kansas mother gives birth to 3 sets of twins in 26 months


A mother in Kansas has her hands full after giving birth to her third set of twins in just over two years…

Sylvester Stallone praises ‘Rocky’ toddler’s viral workout


A video of a toddler mimicking Sylvester Stallone’s moves while watching a clip of the training montage in “Rocky II”…