Kelly says critical lawmakers should changes laws or shut up


Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Tuesday bluntly challenged members of Congress critical of the…

H1-B visa applications decline for 1st time in 5 years

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The US Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that H-1B visa applications fell below 200,000 this year…

Proposed screening on Chinese travelers raises oppositions


Rights advocates denounce President Trump proposed invasive screening procedure of Chinese travelers…

Report says crime rate is lower in sanctuary cities

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New study shows that crime rate is lower in sanctuary counties compared to non-sanctuary counties…

What kind of jobs do immigrants do in California?

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Close to 40% of full time workers in California are immigrants, according to the new census….

South Bay religious groups form network to help immigrants


A religious groups has formed a coalition called the PACT to help immigrants alleviate fear of deportation…

Law training offered for undocumented immigrants

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Community groups offer law training for undocumented immigrants to better protect themselves during federal raids…