China environment civil litigation


China is offering more support for non-governmental organizations to bring lawsuits against those who commit environmental violations…

Residents worry about Candlestick demolition


People in San Francisco’s Bayview District are worried about potential health effects from the tear down of Candlestick Park…

California governor sworn in for record fourth term


Jerry Brown made history Monday when he was sworn in for his fourth term as the governor of California…

PG&E launches refrigerator rebate program


PG&E offers rebate for consumers who purchase energy smart refrigerators and getting rid of their old refrigerators…

Beijing young ambassadors visit bay area

(中文) 一群來自北京的小學生和Palo Alto一所小學進行環保交流,談到北京嚴重的霧霾,認為環保教育在中國應該從小就要培養….