Two arrested in connection to San Jose burglaries


Police arrested two suspects related to the home burglaries in San Jose Evergreen district…

$700k in cellphone accessories stolen from Union City company

Unu, an electronics company in Union City owned by Chinese, was broken into with thousands of high tech cell phone power chargers. The company is offering a reward of $10,000…

San Leandro burglaries on the rise

A Chinese family in san leandro was burglarized twice in past two weeks..

Car burglaries and thefts on the coast

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office issues a warning to residents and visitors because of the recent car burglaries and thefts on the San Mateo County coast.。。

Home insurance may not cover all losses of a burglarized home

Home insurance may not cover all losses of a burglarized home.

911 may not be the best number to call for non-emergency

The house of Ho’s family who lives in San Francisco was burglarized last Thursday. Mrs. Ho was frustrated that the police officers came two hours after she called 911. The police explained that they work according to the nature of crime, and the case of Ho’s family has no immediate danger…

Home burglaries prevention tips

舊金山(三藩市)日落區最近發生多宗入屋爆竊案。 警方建議民眾在家中增加保安措施。當中有何防賊方法呢…