Barking dog alerts family to fire at California home


A family of seven who was sleeping when a fire consumed their home says they escaped thanks to their barking dog…

Firefighters killed as burning building collapses


Six Taiwanese firefighters died on Tuesday while fighting a blaze in the northern city of Taoyuan…

Three Chinese convicted in Italian factory fire that kills 7


Prato, Italy (AP) An Italian court on Monday convicted a Chinese garment manufacturer and two Chinese managers of manslaughter in a 2013 factory fire that killed seven people in the Tuscan city of Prato. Judge [...]

Fresno man carried out of his burning home

man saved from fire nb

A man ran into a burning home in Fresno and came out carrying a man who lives inside over his shoulder…

Large body sparks fire at crematorium

large body nb

According to investigators…..a fire that damaged the roof at southside cremation services in eastern Henrico…

Police probing house fire that killed 41 dogs


Police in North Las Vegas have launched an animal cruelty investigation surrounding a home where firefighters…

Fatal crash off eb hwy 580 causes two deaths and brushfire

car accident2 nb

A fatal crash off eastbound Interstate Highway 580 in Pleasanton Tuesday night claimed two lives and started a small brush fire…