Voya offers $500 for babies born on Oct 20, 2014

us baby nb

Voya Financial announced it is offering every baby born in the US on October 20, 2014 a $500 mutual fund investment…

Woman jumps with 4-month-old twins, killing 1, injuring another

crime body nb

A 29-year-old New Hampshire woman has been charged with murder and assault for jumping out a second-story window with her 4-month-old twins…

Baby appears to strangle himself on car-seat strap


A 9-month-old boy strangled himself on an unbuckled car seat straps while his mother was taking a nap…

Infant trapped under dead father leaving hospital


A 10-month-old girl trapped underneath the decomposing body of her father for up to three days…

13-year-old identified as mother of abandoned baby


Authorities say they have identified a 13-year-old girl as the mother of a newborn baby abandoned in a trash bin…

‘Bucket list’ finished, boy dies hours after birth

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A couple who say they carried out a “bucket list” of trips for their unborn son, who suffered from a fatal condition…

World’s 1st baby born to woman with womb transplant

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The parents of the world’s first womb-transplant baby spoke on Monday of their joy and said they hoped the birth…

White US woman sues over sperm from black donor

sperm bank lawsuit nb

A woman has sued a Chicago-area sperm bank after she became pregnant with sperm donated by a black man…

Florida woman jailed after baby found in trunk

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A 19-year-old South Florida woman faces child abuse charges after deputies say they found her 5-month-old child….

Woman accused of killing mom to steal her newborn


A Tennessee woman is charged with killing a woman because she wanted her newborn baby…

Woman breaks window, rescues baby in San Antonio

woman saves baby nb

A woman who noticed a baby in a hot car in a parking lot in San Antonio used a tire iron to smash the windshield and rescue the child…

Oakland father accidentally shot 1-year-old son


A 23-year-old Oakland man has been charged with three felony counts for the accidental shooting of his 1-year-old son…

Florida: Six children, two adults shot to death


A man killed six of his grandchildren, his adult daughter and himself in a small town in North Florida…

Baby stroller rolls onto train track

baby stroller train track nb

A terrifying scene played out at a train station in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend….

Newborn dies after pregnant woman shot to death


A newborn baby of a pregnant woman killed by gunfire in northeast Philadelphia over the weekend has also died..

Three babies’ bodies found in filthy house


Three infants found dead inside vermin-infested home in Massachusetts…

Oakland: 1-year-old boy suffers gunshot wound


Police are investigating a shooting in East Oakland that sent a 1-year-old boy to the hospital on Thursday…

Facebook rejects Dad’s photo of young son

(Hudson's Heart Facebook Page)

Hudson bond was born on July 18. A week later his parents found out he needed a new heart…

Dad accused of killings had nasty divorce


Timothy Ray Jones Jr. discovered his wife was sleeping with the neighbor’s 19-year-old son…

Dad to be charged with murder in death of 5 kids


A South Carolina man will be charged with murder in the deaths of his five children…

US dad in hot car death charged with murder


A man whose son died after he was left in a hot car for seven hours was charged Thursday with murder in the toddler’s death…

Southern California man sentenced for baby porn


A Los Angeles County man who recorded himself molesting his 3-month-old son has been sentenced to nearly 21 years in prison…

Baby gives thumbs up in ultrasound


Soon-to-be parents in Pennsylvania apparently got a thumbs up from their unborn child…

Pediatric nurse charged with molesting 2-month-old


A pediatric nurse in Southern California has been charged with molesting his 2-month-old foster child…

Mother of newborn baby found in trash arrested


A Utah woman accused of dumping her newborn in a neighbor’s trash says she was afraid to tell her parents about the pregnancy…

FL mother says 911 didn’t help her baby locked in car

baby in hot car nb

A 10-month-old Florida boy accidentally gets trapped inside a hot car…

Can you afford to have a baby?


According to the Department of Agriculture, the average cost for a middle income couple to raise a child for 18 years time is about 250k…

Photo of baby with duct-taped pacifier sparks outrage


In Ohio, a mother is defending her actions after pictures that show her baby with a pacifier duct-taped to her mouth went viral…

China officials sacked in baby formula scandal are reinstated


The Chinese officials involved in the poisonous baby formula scandal have found other high ranking jobs in the government…

Baby born after fallen tree kills pregnant woman in HK


Doctors saved a baby boy through c-section after a fallen tree killed a pregnant woman in Hong Kong…