Taiwan explosions probe focuses on petrochem firm

Taiwan Gas Explosions nb

Authorities in Taiwan’s second-biggest city zeroed in on a petrochemical firm Saturday in their investigation..

Taiwan explosion site looks like a war zone


The series of explosions around midnight on Thursday has left Taiwan’s second-largest city looks like a war zone…

Taiwan gas explosion causes major casualties


The worst gas explosion in recent decades in Kaohsiung City of Taiwan has killed 25, including seven rescuers at the site…

Phone Interview with a Kaohsiung resident


A Kaohsiung resident talks about the chaos after the gas explosion…

Evacuees return after Taiwan gas explosions


The 12,000 people who fled in fear of more gas pipeline explosions returned to their homes…

Taiwan gas explosions kills 25, injures 267


A series of underground gas explosions killed 25 people and injured 267 others late Thursday night in Taiwan…