Swiss “Jetman” makes first public flights in US

A Swiss adventurer is making his first public flights in the United States this summer with his custom-built jet suit.

Yves Rossy, also known as “Jetman,” is making appearances at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture in Oshkosh.

He flew in his carbon-Kevlar jetwing with four engines for reporters on Monday.

He’s making his first public flight in the US on Tuesday.

“Yves Rossy alone in the air ego, completely ego trip. OK, it’s nice. It’s much better to share, to inspire, to give it back. I am a privileged guy that I can fly like that,” he said of his jet pack.

“It’s just pleasure, fun, it’s total freedom, you have no, almost no limits in the third dimension you know, just up, okay I go,” he added.

He’s able to propel himself through the sky at upward of 190 miles per hour (306 kilometres per hour, controlled by a throttle in his hand.

He can go as high as 12-thousand feet (3658 meters) but prefers to stay around 5-thousand feet (1524 meters) to do formations and manoeuvres.

AirVenture runs from July 29 to August 4 in Oshkosh.

His flights will be part of the air shows during the week.

He will also fly at the Reno Air Races in September.

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