Designing a Sustainable Garden

(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

The San Francisco Bay Area has a Mediterranean climate. It’s warm to hot, dry summers, and mild to cool, wet winters. Garden for The Environment (GFE) executive director Blair Randall says plants that grow  best here are going to be plants that are native to this area. “People want to garden with the least amount of effort put into the garden, and resources in terms of water and fertility put into the garden, California native plants are going to be your best bet,” Randall said.


California native plants include California poppies and spring blooming bulbs. GFE sustainable garden education manager Hilary Gordon says, “They don’t have to be dug up and replaced every year. Each year they come back all by themselves. They just rest during the dry part of the summer, and next year you have even more with no need to buy more plants.”

Other plants that can grow in the Bay Area are carrots, radishes, asparagus and raspberries. The specialists also say there are ways to use factors at play in your garden, so you don’t need to use toxic, synthetic herbicides or pesticides. “You are not putting things that are toxic to people, plants, or animals in your garden. You’re setting up a system in your garden which is healthy and friendly to the planet and to the environment.”

If you’re interested in learning organic gardening, you may register for free workshop organized by the non-profit organization Garden for The Environment. For more information,  visit or contact 415-731-5627.

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