Suspect from attempted armed robbery arrested

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A man who allegedly tried to rob a couple in Alameda last month was arrested Wednesday, police said.

The couple had left a dance studio around midnight on Nov. 8 when they saw a man with a gun in the 1400 block of Park Avenue, Alamedapolice said.

The couple rushed to their car, but the man approached them before they could close the passenger door, police said.

The suspect leaned into the car, demanded the victims’ property and pointed the gun at them, police said.

He allegedly started to pull the trigger, but when the gun did not discharge, the driver sped away and knocked the suspect to the ground.

The victims were not injured and drove to a safe place to call 911. Police arrived in the area shortly afterward and searched for the suspect but could not find him.

Someone at a nearby business said the suspect had come in with a semiautomatic pistol, pointed it at the ceiling and pulled the trigger several times, police said.

An investigation led police to a suspect, identified as Alejandro Mendoza, of Oakland, a known gang member with a criminal history, police said.

Police obtained an arrest warrant for Mendoza and a search warrant for his home.

Around 9 a.m. Wednesday, members of the Alameda Police Department and other public safety personnel went to his Oakland home, where he was arrested on suspicion of the attempted armed robbery, police said.

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