Suspect arrested in death of San Jose Chinese student


(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

A fugitive who allegedly concealed a bomb in a robot dog, which killed a San Jose Chinese student 10 years ago, was arrested in Venezuela, where he  had fled.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Anthony Chang, who was linked to the infamous robot dog plot that led to the death of 18-year-old Patrick Hsu, was apprehended in Venezuela this week.

An evidentiary hearing was held on January 24, 2007 on the admissibility of statements made to a witness, Luis Jones, by Anthony Chang about the pipe bomb he made and  sent to Patrick Hsu, the younger brother of his  ex-wife Wendy.  It was allegedly to retaliate against Wendy for leaving him.

According to court documents, David Lin, a friend of Chang, mailed the robot dog to Hsu’s home and had it rigged to explode. Patrick Hsu’s father opened the package, saw the robot and left it aside without batteries in it. Patrick Hsu later came home one weekend from University of California at Santa Barbara, put batteries into the robot, resulting in the fatal explosion.

A Federal court in San Jose found Lin not guilty in three charges in early 2007.


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