Sunnyvale: 3 coworkers win $300k Powerball prize


A South Bay woman and her two coworkers won nearly $300,000 after pooling their money to buy 30 Powerball lottery tickets in Sunnyvale, state lottery officials said.

The trio, including winner Priya Rangarjan, who works in finance, pooled together $60 to purchase the tickets at the Lakewood Shell station at 1101 N. Lawrence Expressway.

One of the tickets was a winner in Wednesday’s drawing, and was worth $289,341. The three will divide the prize among themselves, lottery officials said.

Lotto officials said the colleagues plan to use the money to go on vacations and pay off mortgages, among other things. One plans to finish a home that is under construction.

The winning numbers on the group’s ticket were 58, 5, 25, 59, and 30. They missed only Powerball number 32, which would have won them the $448 million jackpot.

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