Students protest consolidation of diversity departments

 San Francisco, CA -  CCSF students are protesting the consolidation and the eventual elimination of their diversity departments.  On November 15 at noon at RAM Plaza, hundreds of students along with teachers, community allies, and elected representatives, will gather at San Francisco City College’s Ocean Campus.  The departments under threat of consolidation are African American Studies, Latino/Latina Studies, Asian Studies, Asian American Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Labor and Community Studies, LGBT Studies, Philippine Studies, and Women’s Studies.  Additionally, San Francisco State University students will march from their campus at 1600 Holloway down Ocean Ave. to the CCSF campus to support the protest.  Also, on this day of action, UCSF and UC Berkeley students and their supporters will protest the UC Regent’s meeting, beginning at 7 am, at 1675 Owen, to demand that the regents not raise tuition again.  

Diversity Departments at City College are being threatened with consolidation under the pretext of the accreditation imposition.  The autonomy of these programs was won through the hard-fought struggles of the 1960s to bring our marginalized histories out of isolation..  The consolidation of these departments would be a huge step backwards, undermining their quality and paving the way for their elimination. Teachers would be fired, and communities of color would again be denied representation. But if students, faculty, and staff mobilize, they can save the Diversity Departments and build a historic movement capable of stopping these racist cuts and oppressive attacks by making the government financially bail out CCSF to prevent cuts to any classes and programs.  This consolidation is going forward despite the fact that Prop A and Prop. 30 passed.  There is no way that the students, teachers, and staff at CCSF will allow the elimination of these autonomous departments.
Tuition has gone up dramatically in the past 3 years in the UC, CSU and Community College Systems. This trend towards privatization and austerity imposed on our public education systems will not be tolerated by the students, teachers, staff, or the very diverse communities of San Francisco.  “The college serves students of all incomes, ages and ethnicities across the City,” says Edgar Torres, chair of the Latin American and Latino/a Studies Department. “We cannot allow San Franciscans to lose access to this vital resource that offers students of all backgrounds an affordable quality education and so many innovative programs.” 
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