Student design competition announced for Bay Bridge building


A Brisbane man hoping to build self-sustaining structures out of scraps from the old eastern span of the Bay Bridge says he plans to hold a competition for architecture students who believe they can create a winning design.

David Grieshaber, a technology entrepreneur, made headlines last week when he announced a proposed community project he believes would provide Bay Area residents with a two-pronged benefit: the creation of a self-sustaining eco-friendly multi-use space and the preservation of historic pieces of the bridge’s old eastern span.

Grieshaber launched his website,, to coincide with the opening of the new span of the Bay Bridge. His site aims at releasing information about and gaining support for his plan to create what he calls “the most modern eco-technology house in the world.”

The project includes the use of recycled pieces of the bridge as the structure of the building, as well as concrete, steel and glass. No wood or plaster is being deemed useful to the project, Grieshaber said.

Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate architect students in Bay Area schools have until Oct. 13 to submit designs via email.

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