Death Valley officials say “stop frying eggs”


It gets so hot in Death Valley that you can fry an egg with sun power.

That’s what one Death Valley National Park employee did last week, when she took a frying pan to the pavement and posted the video online.

Park visitors park were quick to imitate her, but they didn’t use skillets and left gooey messes. The park then issued a plea on its Facebook page to crack down on the egg-frying fiasco.

Death Valley highs have been hovering around 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48.9 Celsius) and on Wednesday the park marked the 100th anniversary of the world’s hottest day on record 〞 134 degrees Fahrenheit (56.6 Celsius)〞 set there in 1913.

Park rangers say the egg frying has since stopped due to rain and clouds.

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