Spring Airline offers Shanghai-Taipei flights

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The Spring Airlines will open the flight between Shanghai and Taipei on December 1, flying five flights a week, its press spokesman said in Shanghai on Wednesday.

“The purpose of introducing the low-cost airlines is to promote the exchanges between citizens on both sides of the strait,” Zhang Wuan, the press spokesman for Spring Airlines said.

The low-cost airlines have allowed ordinary citizens to get access to air travel. The Spring Airlines posts promotion prices on its official website. The minimum one-way fares from Shanghai to Taipei is 430 yuan (excluding taxes) and the the minimum price for the return ticket is 330 yuan.

The low-cost airlines can be traced back to the 70s of last century. Currently, there are in total over 170 low-cost airlines worldwide, which make up 26 percent of the market share. Thirteen foreign low-cost airlines from five countries have entered into the Chinese market, including Air Asia, Jetstar Airlines and Tiger Airways.

Through low-cost flights, residents from 15 cities of east China can take flights from their own cities directly to Japan, Southeast Asian nations and other foreign destinations.

“The low-cost airlines get access to the cross-strait market and will play a leading role in reducing the overall prices of the cross-straight flights, ” Zhang Wuan, the press spokesman for Spring Airlines said.

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