Spain court names ex-China president in probe


Spain’s National Court is widening a probe into alleged genocide by China against Tibet to include former Chinese President Hu Jintao.

A court order says it accepted an appeal by two Spanish pro-Tibet rights groups to include Hu in an investigation started in 2008 because he was the Communist Party leader in Tibet in 1988-1992 and responsible for actions “aimed at eliminating the uniqueness and existence of Tibet.”

Former president Jiang Zemin and six other Chinese officials are already under investigation. None has been formally charged.

China’s Foreign Ministry said Friday the Tibetan issue was a Chinese matter. It says it hopes Spain will handle this issue properly.

The Spanish legal system recognizes the universal justice principle, under which genocide suspects can be put on trial outside their home country.

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  1. bosco lai says:


    Humanitarian comment. China should ban all Spanish production and Immigration or travel visa to China, as the world standard in China or Spain animal abuse seriously violated and non-binding nature and people abused animals. I believe that the world animal abuse organization must be concerned about it.

    Bosco Lai

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