Snow disrupts holiday traffic across China


The heavy snow in many parts of China has disrupted railway traffic, closed expressways and delayed flights since Thursday.

As the Spring Festival holiday was ending and travelers across China were returning to their workplaces, the snowy weather affected numerous passengers.

In east China’s Anhui province, a round of heavy snow and sleet hit many places on Tuesday. Due to the icy and slippery roads, local traffic authorities ordered the closure of many expressways in the province.

In the city of Suzhou, local traffic police officers and road administration workers have seen clearing snow off roads since Thursday morning. Traffic on all the expressway sections was not resumed until Friday afternoon.

Heavy snow also hit central China’s Henan Province on Tuesday, forcing almost all the major expressways sections to close for safety reasons.

On the G30 Lianyungang-Khorgas Expressway, local traffic police escorted a fleet of 58 buses out of the province on Thursday.

The snow also delayed trains departing the capital city of Zhengzhou. All the trains have been forced to limit their speeds out of safety concerns.

A round of snow which started on Thursday also affected road traffic in north China’s Shanxi Province, where all the expressway sections remained closed until 10:00 Friday when only parts of expressways were reopened to traffic.

All the vehicles were advised to drive at less than 30 kilometers per hour to ensure safety.

Snow has also been battering the southern part of Shandong Province in east China.

A total of 20 expressways in and out of the capital city of Jinan were closed on Friday, as local authorities issued an orange alert for icy roads. The snowy weather also delayed many buses departing the city.

In northwest China’s Xinjiang Region, a blizzard on Thursday night stranded over 100 vehicles on a provincial road in Toli County.

Local traffic police dispatched a team of officers for the rescue after receiving an emergency call about the incident later Thursday.

Meanwhile, the snow also delayed flights involving 20 airports across China on Friday morning.

By 14:00 Friday, a total of 199 flights had been delayed for more than an hour at the Beijing Capital International Airport. Another 26 flights were canceled.

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