SF Sups pass Smoke Free Street Events Ordinance

(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

San Francisco, CA – The Smoke Free Street Events ordinance is to prohibit smoking at San Francisco‘s street festivals and fairs.  It’s designed to protect all event attendees from the dangers of second-hand smoke.

San Francisco has about 350 yearly street events. Breathe California conducted a survey of event attendees at several San Francisco events, and learned that 67% of event visitors supported a smoke free event policy.  The group interviewed event producers to get input on the policy and, working with San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar, developed a commonsense policy that prohibits smoking at San Francisco’s street fairs.

Mar says, “This is important that doesn’t kind of crack down on people with heavy enforcement but it’s about raising awareness in the public that smoking is not permitted in street festivals.”

Breathe California Vice President of Program Karen Licavoli says, “We still welcome everyone to attend these events because they are open events, but we also know that we want to make these healthy events for all of our residents.”

How do smokers react to the new ordinance?

“It’s terrible. Hard to find a place to smoke.”

“I’m a smoker and I would like to smoke freely.”

“When you have organized event such as street fair or another outside activity that is organized and you have non-smokers there, I think there is a city’s obligation to ban smoking there.”

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