Smart phones help campaigns find votes

(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

Traditional campaigning used to have volunteers use maps and information of registered voters. Now new technologies provide new platforms for campaigns. Internet and social media have become popular, and most candidates have their campaign websites..

Candice Dayoan, new media director for David Chiu’s campaign, said, “These technologies are not replacing the old styles. It’s still really important to have the face to face conversation. Still really important to talk over the phone, but we also use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ to have conversations with people where they are.”

Leon Chow, director of external affairs of SEIU United Healthcare Workers West, states that traditional style campaigning has been there since the 1970′s. With the help of smart phones nowadays, distribution of manpower becomes much easier.

Volunteers for the campaign would get a smart phone, integrated with an app (smart phone application) developed by a company in the bay area. The app tells everyone where to go. Once reaching the voter’s door, volunteers would be given instructions on the screen, and all they need to do is ask the voter’s questions.

The advantages of using smart phones includes saving a lot of paper, plus with the GPS(Global Positioning System), the control center can distribute manpower effectively.

Leon Chow says that the developer of the app is filing the patent at this moment, and he predicts that the app will become popular next year in different elections.

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