Skier dies, dog stays with him

A Colorado man died over the weekend while cross country skiing. 81 year-old Robert Blake’s heart apparently gave out. When rescuers found Blake’s body, his loyal dog was standing guard by his side, Gabrielle Burkhart has the story.

Marlene Blake, Wife, “I knew Buddy was with him, and would not leave him, I knew that you know just from my heart.”

Marlene Blake says that thought helped comfort her as search and rescuers looked for her husband Bob in Colorado this weekend. The 81 year-old was cross country skiing in Lizard Head Pass near Telluride, with his Golden Retriever, Buddy, something he often did, but when Blake didn’t check in with his wife Friday night, Marlene Blake,”I knew, I knew he was dead, or he would’ve.”

Blake’s neighbor at their cabin in Colorado found his vehicle Friday. Saturday afternoon a search crew found Blake’s body under a tree in the snow, not far from the road, his loyal companion still at his side.

Sheriff Bill Masters, San Miguel Co., Sheriff’s Office, “There are a large number of coyotes in the area and Buddy refused to leave Mr. Blake’s body until we spent some time coaxing him.”

Marlene Blake, “So he’s the hero in this.”

Blake’s wife say it appeared her husband had stopped for lunch when his heart gave out, “I used to say you know I worry about you, you might be in some snow-bank up there and I’ll never find you and he said, don’t worry that’s where I want to be. Yeah so, so he got his wish.”

A lifelong outdoorsman and retired veterinarian, Blake loved exploring the land and died doing what he enjoyed. As for Buddy, Marlene Blake, “I couldn’t make it without him, I could not.”

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