Winners of Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards

(Excerpt from Press Release)

California is struggling through its third year of drought, 2013 was the driest year on record. Our current water situation is bleak, but Silicon Valley is leading the way in innovative practices aimed at stretching our limited supply. As a result, The Valley is in much better shape than much of California.

The Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards Coalition is pleased to announce its 2014 winners, including a government agency that is cleaning contaminated groundwater and using it for industrial purposes, a gardening business that landscapes with climate-appropriate, native plants, a vaudeville-style performance troupe that entertains, educates and inspires kids to conserve water, a non-profit organization that oversees drought-tolerant tree plantings, a business that uses recycled water for landscape irrigation, an individual who is leading the charge on promoting greywater systems, rainwater capture and composting toilets, and a water utility that is doing just about everything possible to educate and motivate its customers.

And the winners are…

City of Palo Alto Utilities (Water Utility)

NASA-Ames Research Center (Government Agency)

Google (Business)

Canopy (Organization)

Middlebrook Gardens (Greenscape Management)

EarthCapades (Education)

Laura Allen (Water Champion)

Kathy Machado (Lifetime Achievement)

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