Short traffic light forces pedestrians to jaywalk


A traffic crossing light at a zebra crossing in Guangzhou City lasts only two seconds, leaving pedestrians with no choice but to run across the road while the light is red.

Located at an intersection in Luogang District of the city, the traffic light turns red about two seconds after it turns green.

“People just run across. It’s useless to look at the light,” said a pedestrian.

Statistics shows that a man can walk no more than three meters in two seconds at a normal speed. It takes about 25 seconds for a man to walk across a 30-meter-wide street.

Chinese authorities have been running a nationwide campaign to discourage pedestrians from running red lights since early this year.

The campaign targets “Chinese-style street crossing,” in which pedestrians cross the road once a large enough group forms, regardless of what color the traffic light is. Violators often say that they would’ve waited for a green light, but it either take too long to become green or the duration of the green light isn’t long enough to allow them to cross legally.

Under the tightened rules, pedestrians will be fined if police catch them crossing the street during a red light or jay-walking, with the amount varying in different cities.

Beijing started charging fines for jaywalkers on Monday.

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