Free app StreetLightsSF to improve streetlight repairs

(Excerpt from press release)

San Franicsco, CA – The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has recently unveiled a new smart phone application that allows cell phone users to report burned out and broken street lights in San Francisco from the convenience of their own phone.

The new application, called StreetLightsSF, incorporates existing Global Positioning System (GPS) technology on today’s smartphones that enables users to pinpoint the locations of faulty street lights, send that information to 311 and receive ongoing updates on repair efforts.

“Our new app, combined with our upcoming conversion to LED streetlights will ensure that San Francisco has one of the smartest, most energy-efficient street light networks in the country,” said Harlan L. Kelly, Jr., General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

The application provides precise locations for street lights by longitude and latitude, and ? in order to enhance the accuracy of cell phone-based GPS — it allows the user to “drag and drop” a locating pin on a map. In addition, a special algorithm determines who owns and maintains the reported street light. The app also allows the user to check their submission and track fixes to the street light. For non-SFPUC lights, the app still streamlines the process for reporting the malfunctioning street light to the owner. The City is not responsible for the repair and maintenance of street lights that it does not own.

The StreetLightsSF application can be downloaded from the Apple and Android stores and also at (go to “Customer Service” and then select “Report a Problem”).

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