SF Summer Tech Internship program

(This is an excerpt of press release by sf.citi)

Future Graduates is a cornerstone program of The San Francisco Police Foundation, a non-profit organization formed by citizens in 2011 to aid San Francisco Police Officers in their service to the community (www.sanfranciscopolicefoundation.org). The Future Graduates Program partners with the SFUSD and sf.citi (www.sfciti.com) to enhance high school youth access to real-world job training by placing students at innovative San Francisco-based tech companies in paid summer internships. Preparing them for future success, the program encourages students to graduate high school, pursue fulfilling careers, and lead productive and healthy lives. San Francisco police officers and professionals have toured assemblies and classrooms highlighting graduation and the innumerable possibilities of success and learning that lie ahead.Twenty San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) high school students ages 14-18 will participate in internships at 12 San Francisco-based tech companies. The eight-week program begins June 20th with an orientation, and each student will receive a $1,250 stipend funded through the sf.citi grant. sf.citi member company Pathbrite will lead the orientation and help students track their internship progress throughout the summer using Pathbrite’s People Portfolios, a new way to showcase a lifetime of learning and personal achievement online. The Architectural Foundation of San Francisco, a non-profit educational organization for public school students through mentored appreciation of architecture, engineering, construction, and design will host the orientation.

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