SF World Music Festival features Wang Xin Xin


(KTSF By Hellas Leung)

The San Francisco World Music Festival will start Friday. This three-day commission will feature three international teams of musicians, including Wang Xin Xin and Wei Po Nien of The Xin Xin Nanguan Ensemble, Rufat Hasanov and Gulare Mikayil Qizi Zeynalova of The Hasanov Ensemble, as well as Zainidin Imanaliev, Talantaaly Bakchiev, Aizada Kasabolotova, Nurbek Serkebaev, and Kutmanaaly Sultanbekov of The Zainidin Imanaliev Kyrgyz Folk Ensemble.

Wang Xin Xin, who is known as a Chinese Nanguan Master, was born in 1965 in the city of Quanzhou, Fujian Province, which represents the site of the oldest ritual music or epic stories. Wang received her training in Nanyin music when she was four years old, going on to gain recognition for her outstanding singing skills.

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