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(KTSF by Sean Au)

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has been sentenced to three years’ probation for a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment in his domestic violence case. He is also to receive one year of domestic violence and other family counseling, as well as a fine of $590. Mirkarimi is also sentenced to a day in county jail but he has been given credit for time served and therefore won’t be behind bars.

In San Francisco’s Hall of Justice today, Ross Mirkarimi was in court for only about five minutes. He accepted the plea deal offered by the District Attorney’s Office over the domestic violence incident on December 31, 2011. Mr. Mirkarimi also gave up the rights to an appeal of the sentence.

Still in place, is the stay away order. That means Mr. Mirkarimi still cannot see his wife until his domestic violence counselor makes a recommendation to the court to suggest otherwise. Mr. Mirkarimi is also only allowed to see his son 2 hours a day during the week, and 6 hours during the weekend.

“There are no excuses and I accept full responsibility. It is through my shame and the ordeal that I caused, in not being able to see my wife, to only see my son on an average of two hours a day, and a very public reminder that I am not the person that I thought I was,” says Mr. Mirkarimi after the sentencing, apparently holding back tears.

District Attorney George Gascon is satisfied with the court’s decision and emphasized that the false imprisonment charge remains a domestic violence charge, which requires the Sheriff to undergo domestic violence counseling. “We have afforded Ross Mirkarimi an opportunity to redeem himself with his family and his community,” says Mr. Gascon. “I hope that he will wholeheartedly embrace this occasion to change his ways.”

Mr. Mirkarimi has indicated that he will not resign from his position. As to whether Mayor Ed Lee will begin proceedings to remove him from office, the mayor’s office says that the mayor is meeting Mr. Mirkarimi in the afternoon and will be making a decision soon.

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