SF Opera’s “Nixon in China”

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

San Francisco Opera showcases “Nixon in China” this Summer 2012 season. The opera made its debut last Friday.

Former President Richard Nixon’s unprecedented 1972 visit to China was the prelude to the establishment of a later Sino-U.S. relationship. Transformed onto an opera stage, this historic event turns into a story about human nature, says famous Chinese baritone Chen-Ye Yuan who plays “Chou En-Lai”.

This is the 7th time Yuan played this role with various North American operas. He thinks the character portrayed in the play is oppressed and full of inner conflicts, in addition to the public side of a genius in foreign relations and politics.

The complicated and controversial character Chiang Ching was played by Korean soprano Hye Jung Lee.

“I need to think what she thinks, be able to speak like her, to look like her. During the rehearsals, I got nightmare as well. It’s very difficult to express her violent character.” says Lee.

“Nixon in China” can be seen until July 8.

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